Check Up On Your Hospital Essentials: 6 Promo Products For Hospitals

  • Jun 19, 2024

Hospitals are an essential part of our communities! From providing emergency services to someone who isn't feeling well or injured to providing services such as nutrition education, researching illnesses and diseases, and more. 


So, we picked out some promotional products for hospitals to help patients feel at ease and essential for staff to feel appreciated. 


1. Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch Jacket

woman with blonde hair in a black jacket and black pants

Hospitals can get a little chilly! Warm your staff up with this Cherokee Workwear Jacket! It features two patch pockets, a right side pocket with a sectional pocket, and an ID loop. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your branding. 


2. 7-Day Med Minder

purple, teal, and yellow medicine capsules

When a patient gets a new prescription, remembering to take medication daily can be challenging. This branded med minder is a perfect way to help them get the routine down. It comes in various colors with easy-open compartments that have raised letters and feature brail for easy day identification. 


3. Lucy Black Lab

black lab stuffed animal

Hospitals and doctors can be scary! Whether a little one is in the emergency room or being checked in for long-term care, let this little friend help! Add your hospital's logo to a printed accessory, and it's perfect for helping a child face their fears. 


4. A Trip to the Emergency Center Coloring Book

coloring book with two bunnies one a doctor and one a kid "a trip to the emergency clinic an educational color & activity book"  imprinted on the front

We all hope that an emergency room visit isn't in our children's future - but things happen! Help calm little minds with this coloring book featuring sixteen pages of coloring and games. Don't forget the crayons! 


5. Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack

hot and cold pack in teal with "omega dental" on the front.

Sometimes it's necessary to send patients home with a hot/cold pack after a doctor's visit or procedure - and these are just right! Simply microwave for warm therapy or freeze for cold. Available in a variety of colors to help match your hospital's branding. 


6. 32 oz. Tritan Bottle

blue water bottle with "music saves lives" in red

Made from up to 50% recycled content - these bottles are great for keeping your hospital staff or patients hydrated. Plus, they can keep track of their water consumption with the handy scale printed on the side. 


Did you see anything that caught your eye? Maybe something sparked a little inspiration for your hospital or doctor's office! For more information or to get started on your next project, give us a shout today! 

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